The Ray Johnson Videos

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The videos are comprised of over seven hours of rare video footage of Ray Johnson, a conceptual and visual artist who is considered to be the founder of the Mail Art movement.

The painter Chuck Close in A Panel Discussion on Ray Johnson:

Ray was a much more important artist than was generally recognized by the art world. He was an idiosyncratic figure. I think he was very inventive in bringing his work, through his collages, and things that he's known for, actually, predating Pop Art with the use of pop subject matter before Lichtenstein and Warhol. But, probably, he is best known to the general public as the inventor of the Correspondence School and of mail art.


The Ray Johnson Tapes 13 January 05

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Ray Johnson

Title: The Ray Johnson Tapes: Still from Tape 6

A Work by: Nicholas Maravell

Taped: 1987

Image © Nicholas Maravell

  • Title: The Ray Johnson Tapes