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1001 Nights 9 January 06

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The truth is not in the one dream, but in all the dreams together.

The effect of this film on me was like waking up from turbulent dreams with childhood feelings in my gut, crotch and spine, feelings of confusing lusts, desires and yearnings.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

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Death (excerpt from:

Pasolini died on November 2, 1975 at the beach of Ostia, near Rome, in a location typical of his novels. He was murdered brutally by being run over several times with his own car. Pino Pelosi, a hustler, was arrested and confessed to murdering Pasolini. On May 7th, 2005, he retracted his confession, claiming that unidentified men had killed Pasolini. He gave threats of violence against his family as the reason for his erstwhile confession. The investigation into Pasolini’s death has been re-opened following Pelosi’s recantation.
His murder is still not completely explained: some contradictions in the declarations of Pelosi, a strange intervention by Italian secret services during the investigations and some lack of coherence of related documents during the different parts of the judicial procedures brought some of Pasolini’s friends (actress Laura Betti, a close friend, particularly) to suspect that his murder had been commissioned. It is true, indeed, that Pasolini, in the months just before his death, had seen many politicians, telling them that he was aware of certain crucial secrets. Following Pelosi’s statement of May 2005, the Rome police has reopened the murder case; judges, however, considered the new elements insufficient to continue.
Pasolini was buried in Casarsa, in his beloved Friuli. In the grave he wears the jersey of the Italian Showmen National Team, a benefaction soccer team founded by Pasolini among the others.
New evidence this year (2005) points to Pasolini being murdered by an extortionist. The 17 year old that was found guilty of killing him, Pino Pelosi, revealed this year that three men with a southern Italian accent killed him. Testimony by Pasolini’s friend Sergio Citti indicates that some of the film rolls from Salò were stolen and Pasolini was going to meet with the thieves after a visit to Stockholm, November 2, 1975. He told others that he knew he would be murdered by the Mafia. Shortly after he was found dead in Ostia outside Rome.


  • Title: 1001 Nights
  • Directed by: Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Writing credits: Dacia Maraini, Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Starring: Ninetto Davoli, Franco Citti, Tessa Bouché, Margaret Clementi, Ines Pellegrini, Franco Merli, Francelise Noel, Ali Abdullah, Christian Aligny, Jeanne Gauffin Mathieu, Francesco Paolo Governale, Salvatore Sapienza, Zeudi Biasolo, Barbara Grandi, Elisabett
  • Cinematography: Giuseppe Ruzzolini
  • Year: 1974
  • Cinema: Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt
  • Further details: Italy, 131 Minutes