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Nowhere Boy 5 July 11

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Biographical films are usually terrible — a parade of badly made-up actors selected for their strange similarity to the famous persons they should be portraying.

In the case of this film, Aaron Johnson does have a touching resemblance to John Lennon. The makeup and production design was restrained and natural, and the direction of the film is subtle and evocative. Its light feels like Liverpool, though I have only been there once.

Something else which is good, and is being held in John Lennon’s orbit.

Nice to see that Yoko Ono approved: → →

Based on the memoir of Lennon’s half-sister:

Julia Baird in Wikipedia →

  • Title: Nowhere Boy
  • Directed by: Sam Taylor-Wood
  • Writing credits: Matt Greenhalgh, memoir: Julia Baird
  • Starring: Aaron Johnson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Anne-Marie Duff
  • Year: 2009