Robert Häusser 25 April 05

Section: photography

Categories: Exhibition / museum

There were hundreds of photos and I appreciated the entire exhibition. I had heard his name and some of the photos were familiar. Häusser comes across as a good, clear person and photographer, and his photographs are unpretentious and diverse with a continuity that flows just from his having done them.

He rarely photographs people. According to him, this can be traced back to his childhood under the Nazis, when his father, an opponent of the Nazis, was arrested and he and his family were traumatized and stigmatized. He had an early affinity for photography but he hid his interest from other people. With his father gone they had virtually no means of support and he couldn’t afford a camera — but he started making photographs with a camera obscura. In fact, some of these early childhood photographs were the ones that were most familiar to me.

What comes through for me in his work is humility and respect, respect for what he sees, respect for his own perception and the ability and desire to make it concrete through photography. He respects the paper he uses, letting it be part of the photograph as more than just the support: the white or off-white quality radiates, playing an equal role. I particularly liked some of his snow photographs and photographs like the one linked to below. →

(The above link is a replacement for the original, now dead, link artists-net.)

Museum: Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum

City: Mannheim, Germany

  • Title: Robert Häusser

Meetings 20 March 05

Section: photography

Categories: Exhibition / museum

Weak, Photoshop–reworked* photos of town hall meetings, purporting to be some essay on power. Esthetic hollowness compels me, partially out of fairness, to research the artist. (*Not to imply that there is anything wrong with reworking photos: but in this case every aspect of the reworking was wobbly. To go into more detail here would call for more effort than the photographs warrant.) In this case I came upon a strange “statement” by the photographer in his "Homeland Security Series" of photographs. One quote: "There has been little concrete imagery of what is being done to protect the nation at home." I have read the statement a few times but it remains a scary, unreflecting outlook of a State photographer.

Title: Meetings

Photographer: Paul Shambroom

Museum: Fotografie Forum international: Leinwandhaus, Frankfurt

  • Title: Meetings

Christel und Margret Tenbuß — Star-Fotografinnen 3 January 05

Section: photography

Categories: Exhibition / museum

This was a pleasant surprise. Twin sisters, one an employee of a department store, the other of a bakery, started taking snapshots of celebrities in the mid-50s and haven’t stopped. They have made use of their holidays to visit any events where celebrities might appear, sometimes waiting for hours to get close enough for a good photo — and the photos, hundreds of them, are good. One thing I noticed is that most of the celebrities have a soft, warm and genuine countenance, sometimes even pleasantly surprised.

Title: Christel und Margret Tenbuß — Star-Fotografinnen

English Title: Christel and Margret Tenbuß — Star-Photographers

Museum: Deutsches Filmmuseum (Galerie), Frankfurt, Germany

  • Title: Christel und Margret Tenbuß — Star-Fotografinnen

Barbara Klemm — Künstlerporträts 19 December 04

Section: photography

Categories: Exhibition / in-a-cinema

Title: Barbara Klemm — Künstlerporträts (Portraits of Artists)

Museum: Leinwandhaus, Frankfurt

Links on the photographer

  • Title: Barbara Klemm — Künstlerporträts