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The painter and photographer Stanley Twardowicz passed away on June 12th.

My heart and thoughts go out to his family and friends, in particular his wife, the painter Lillian Dodson, and to his good friend Nicholas Maravell. And to his friends Charlotte Koons, Pete Bridgstock and Matt Bessell.

In the early 80s Nick created valuable video documentation of experiences with Stan, anticipating his later brilliant video work on and with Ray Johnson.

Through Nick, I had the pleasure of meeting with Stan a few times.

One evening in in the 80s in his Northport studio remains vivid in my memory: Stan was friends with Jack Kerouac and had recorded some evenings with him in his studio, mostly talking and drinking beer. This was in the mid-sixties when Kerouac was living in Northport, New York (Kerouac died in 1969). Stan recorded these evenings on a high-quality reel-to-reel tape recorder. On the evening we were visiting, I recall it was Nick, Nadine and me, Stan played extensive passages from the recordings. That was wonderful in itself, but what was also amazing was that the recordings were being played in the same room, with the same furniture, where they had been recorded. This was as if we were experiencing the imprint of the long past evening in the room, going back in time. It was like an aural hologram, with the sound waves’ interference with the same walls and furnishings generating the life in the room again.

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