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The Gold Rush (A Dramatic Comedy) 26 December 04

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Chaplin died early in the morning on Christmas day in 1977.

This is the restored version of the original 1925 silent film with intertitles. It is a masterpiece and was Chaplin’s favorite among his films.

The film touches on strong childhood feelings in me.

Except for the opening sequence of the hundreds of men climbing the snow covered pass, and a bit later of Chaplin sliding down a mountainside, the film was shot almost entirely on Chaplin’s sets, as he preferred to work. For me, this 1925 film is unrivaled (among all films I know) in its poetic, evocative, convincing and seamlessly integrated sets and special effects.

Title: The Gold Rush (A Dramatic Comedy)

Written and directed by: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Malcolm Waite, Georgia Hale, Henry Bergman

Assistant directors: H. D’Abbadie D’Arrast and Charles F. Reisner

Photography: Rollie H. Totheroh

Settings by: Charles D. Hall

Accompanied on the piano by: Neil Brand

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  • Title: The Gold Rush (A Dramatic Comedy)