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Finnegans Wake page 79 17 September 12

Section: James-Joyce

Categories: Mention

when a frond was a friend inneed to carry, as earwigs do their dead, their soil to the earthball where indeeth we shall calm decline, our legacy unknown.

  • Title: Finnegans Wake page 79
  • Further details: By James Joyce, page 79

Fotografie Total: in the MMK 11 August 12

Section: photography

Categories: museum

A nice exhibition in the Frankfurt MMK (Museum der Modernen Kunst/Museum of Modern Art), though the dramatic “total” in its title should be seen as an attempt to give a general impression of the museum’s photography collection.

An explanatory paragraph from the museum’s web site:

In displays changing regularly over a period of seven months, the MMK will show new thematic ensembles with a focus on important conceptual strategies as well as the architectural photography in its holdings. This presentation mode will permit the museum to place several hundred works on view in suspenseful and unexpected constellations, and thus to unfold an impressive panorama of artistic photography.


  • Title: Fotografie Total: in the MMK
  • Venue: Museum der Modernen Kunst

The Song: Finnegan's Wake 22 July 12

Section: James-Joyce

Categories: Mention

Tim Finnegan lived in Walkin Street,
A gentle Irishman mighty odd
He had a brogue both rich and sweet,
An’ to rise in the world he carried a hod
You see he’d a sort of a tipplers way
but for the love for the liquor poor Tim was born
To help him on his way each day,
he’d a drop of the craythur every morn

Whack fol the dah now dance to yer partner
round the flure yer trotters shake
Bend an ear to the truth they tell ye,
we had lots of fun at Finnegan’s Wake

One morning Tim got rather full,
his head felt heavy which made him shake
Fell from a ladder and he broke his skull, and
they carried him home his corpse to wake
Rolled him up in a nice clean sheet,
and laid him out upon the bed
A bottle of whiskey at his feet
and a barrel of porter at his head

His friends assembled at the wake,
and Widow Finnegan called for lunch
First she brought in tay and cake,
then pipes, tobacco and whiskey punch
Biddy O’Brien began to cry,
“Such a nice clean corpse, did you ever see,
Tim, auvreem! O, why did you die?”,
“Will ye hould your gob?” said Paddy McGee

Then Maggie O’Connor took up the cry,
“O Biddy” says she “you’re wrong, I’m sure”
Biddy gave her a belt in the gob
and sent her sprawling on the floor
Then the war did soon engage,
t’was woman to woman and man to man
Shillelagh law was all the rage
and a row and a ruction soon began

Mickey Maloney ducked his head
when a bucket of whiskey flew at him
It missed, and falling on the bed,
the liquor scattered over Tim
Now the spirits new life gave the corpse, my joy!
Tim jumped like a Trojan from the bed
Cryin will ye walup each girl and boy,
t’underin’ Jaysus, do ye think I’m dead?”

source →

  • Title: The Song: Finnegan's Wake

Lou Reed Transformer 10 March 12

Section: rayjohnson

Categories: Film / dvd-mine

Bought and watched a nice documentary on the making of Lou Reed’s album Transformer. It includes excellent interviews with many of the people involved with its production, including extensive talks with Reed himself. He also plays a number of the songs on an acoustic guitar.

Also, as a nice surprise, Ray Johnson → appears in some footage shot in a bar or restaurant.

Just lovely.

  • Title: Lou Reed Transformer
  • Directed by: Bob Smeaton
  • Starring: Lou Reed, David Bowie, and many more...
  • Year: 2001

Iggy Pop: The Passenger 8 January 12

Section: article

Categories: Concert / Web-culture

A better version of the La, La, Las:

  • Title: Iggy Pop: The Passenger
  • Writing credits: Iggy Pop

REM: The Passenger 8 January 12

Section: article

Categories: Concert / Web-culture

Nice to find one of my favorite songs being done by REM, though I am not so happy about Stipe’s La, La, Las:

  • Title: REM: The Passenger
  • Writing credits: Iggy Pop
  • Starring: REM


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